2002 Aprilia ETV 1000 CapoNord Review

Review Title: Follow-up on First Impressions
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Break-in on the Caponord is accomplished in two phases. The first 600 miles restrict you to 5000 rpm, and avoiding full throttle operation. The second phase (to 900 miles) allows occasional full throttle and an rpm restriction of 6250. During both phases, steady speeds are to be avoided, and full use of the transmission is encouraged. Brakes are not required to be babied after the first 60 miles, but normal caution should be exercised as they complete bedding in. With 1100 miles, I still consider the bike to be a first rate machine! It has not disappointed me in any category. The engine vibration that I mentioned in my first report has largely disappeared. The excellent transmission has only gotten smoother. The brakes are awesome - especially the front. Handling of the bike is superb, and power delivery just keeps a big grin on my face. The seat could stand some improvement - butt burn at about 100 miles - but I can say that about every stock seat I have ever ridden. I am not sure how I am going to rectify that yet. I have the hard side bags on my bike - and they are quite large, attractive, and weather proof. The rear seat can be removed to reveal a much larger cargo area for a tail bag or duffle. Add a tank bag, and a solo rider can move his belongings... :) I have seen claims of top speed in the range of 135+ mph. I believe that the claim is an accurate one. However, it is the all around utility of this bike that sets it apart, no the ability to go fast. I am happy to recommend it with no reservations!

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LocationPensacola, Florida, United States
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Submitted: August, 2002