2003 Aprilia ETV 1000 CapoNord Review

Review Title: Outstanding bike
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I got my Caponord 2 months ago after a 25 year absence from the bike scene. I checked out harley, indian, ducati and some asian bikes. I even revisited the triumphs like I use to ride years ago to see what was out on the street these days. Then I heard of Aprilia, checked out the Caponord and it was love at first site. As a very tall (6'5") rider I had certain design needs to fit my frame and long legs. The Capo is a very well appointed machine. Very quick, powerful, and nimble with a vigorous response either accelerating or braking. I could go on about other details but many riders may have different styles or preference. My choice is Aprilia. This is only the first of at least two or three bikes I will eventually have to play with (kind of like guitars). It's important for the new rider to read other riders information and testing data to understand the little characteristics like the harmonic sounds in the motor at low speed then suddenly this massive sounding of ballsy power when you twist on the rpms. I have experienced as others have the occasional mild lurch from the fuel injection "forgetting itself" at very low speed but since my milage has hit around 1300 miles the bike has dialed itself in and now runs VERY smooth at all rpms.

About the reviewer:
LocationLakeport, California, United States
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Submitted: October, 2003