2000 Confederate NBF Series Hellcat Roadster Review

Review Title: Owning a Confederate was a complete and utter nightmare

This can be a really long story, so I'll make it short. I want to be sure that people investigate what they're getting into before purchasing a Confederate. I bought a new 2000 Confederado. Less than 300 miles later it had a complete breakdown. Clutch, brakes, electrical system, and motor were shot. Confederate "approved" the bike for warranty work but WILL NOT send any parts or pay my local shop for labor. I am stuck in the worst position imaginable. I have spoken with many people at Confederate, including Matt Chambers, and all they do is blame their problems on someone else. I have owned the bike for 3 months, 2 1/2 months it has been in the shop waiting for Confederate to own up to their warranty. I have been lied to, no one will return my calls, and now it is turning into a legal battle. Matt Chambers tries to compare Confederate Motorcycles to the early days of Ferrari, but in my experience they do not even stack up to the early days of VW. In fact, I have owned several AMF shovelheads that were much more reliable than my $25,000 Confederado, and Harley will still help you out when you take your bike to the shop. I honestly cannot put my experience with Confederate in words. It is a total letdown that has left me stranded with a (very expensive) broken bike, a stack of bills, and frustration that I've never experienced before. I would warn anyone looking into purchasing a Confederate.

About the reviewer:
LocationSan Francisco, California, USA
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Submitted: September, 2001