2000 Confederate NBF Series Hellcat Roadster Review

Review Title: Stay Away from this Company

What a nightmare!!! Tried to buy one and the dealership I went to acted as though they did not want to sell me a Confederate, could not answer questions and looked downright cross-eyed at me when I asked prices. Told them I was interested in one silver Hellcat that was on the floor to sell and was told that they could not sell it to me. Huh? Started joining club boards to speak with other owners and felt like I was in a bad "B" movie. There are way too many owners out there owning Confederates with little or no miles on them that are not running and Confederate cannot honor any warranties because they even admit that they are close to bankruptcy. I admire their motorcycles, but I will do it from afar and I hope all those current owners reach some satisfaction with the Confederates, because as of now they simply own $25K to $30K art pieces! P.S. Called and spoke with the factory who lied to me and when confronted with theirs lies became incredibility rude. This motorcycle company is all but gone, but do not take my word for it call the factory, join the club boards and talk to owners. All the owners I spoke with gladly gave me an earful. Oh, and about getting to ride one...forget it, I was told that you either have to buy one before you can ride it and that the Confederate speaks for itself. Sounded pretty daft to me. They do not have a zero star rating or I would have chosen it.

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Submitted: October, 2001