2000 Confederate NBF Series Hellcat Roadster Review

Review Title: Bikes are awesome, but the company is in turmoil.
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

'Love the bikes; look is unique, performance is beyond many riders' skill level - definitely not for the novice, and very rare (there are only about 400 in private hands). BUT.. the company is in knots internally (an ongoing hostile takeover attempt the current board of directors has withheld operating funding for some time, warranty issues are (and have been) delayed. Bulk of warranty issues are related to failure to properly break in these large displacement, performance enhanced motors. Almost all other problems are linked to pilot error (inflated sense of skill), and/or ignored routine maintenance. It is unlikely the company will survive in its current form.

About the reviewer:
LocationSoutheast USA
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Submitted: November, 2001