2000 Confederate NBF Series Hellcat Roadster Review

Review Title: The Bike From HELL!!!
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is truly the Bike from Hell, and I say that in only the BEST sense of the phrase. My 2000 Hellcat has had its' share of minor problems, and the guys at Confederate have been more than helpful in aiding me to set all problems straight. I look forward to riding this motorcycle like I have never looked forward to riding others that I've owned, and I currently own 2 Harleys that just sit around a lot these days. Anyone who spends their time whining about the bike's problems don't deserve to own one and are incapable of appreciating the work of art that is Confederate. I personally feel that "I am not worthy", but enjoy my ride to the fullest. Congratulations to Matt Chambers et.al. who had the vision and courage to challenge the naysayers.

About the reviewer:
LocationBurlington, Vermont, United States
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Submitted: October, 2002