2000 Honda VTR 100F Superhawk Review

Review Title: You TORQUE'in To Me?!
Overall★ ★ ★ ★

My best friend bought a Red superhawk and I couldn't wait to try it out that day, especially of all the good stuff they said about it. So, one leg over, left foot-click, twist the wrist and BAM!! Instant weather forecast. Even though the first thing I did was an unexpected wheelie, I was in control of the beast.....for a good block. I came back around and saw my buddy fainted on the floor, so there was one thing I could have done...........A 20 minute test ride of course!! low-mid end torque is a thrill, what you would expect of a V-twin, so put those gobs of torque in good use around town. The handling was also a nice surprise, almost effortless, just aim and shoot, not bad for a liter bike, and the the throaty grunt out of the exhausts made me rev it on red lights so it can keep on singin' those tunes. The only gripe I have with the Hawk is the ergos, I know that plenty of people say it is comfortable, and I came in thinking it would be, but after that 20 minute tango, the lady in Red knee'd me where it hurts, I tried the ol' thigh master routine on the tank but after awhile you get tired of it. I thought it was just me, but the owner of the Hawk, complained of the same thing, (we are 6' and 5'10")I really do like this bike and for the people who are comfy in it are the lucky ones. So before you buy this beauty, don't just sit on it at the dealer, try to find a way to ride her first, because this is one bike that have some riders comfy, and others hurting.

About the reviewer:
LocationQueens, New York, United States
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Submitted: July, 2003