2000 Honda VTR 100F Superhawk Review

Review Title: gotta ride my pickle
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bought the pickle in april of 2002, she had been sitting on the showroom for 2 long years. I was in the market for a hooligan bike. I am 39 years old and I didnt think that a sport bike wwas comfortable enough for me. When they knocked 1500 off the sticker and threw in a 5 year unlimited miles warrenty I couldnt say no. This is my second street bike but I have been riding for 30 years and had numerous bikes over the years. Mostly european. I dont know much about sport bike brakes but 2 fingers work for me on this one. I get about 36.5 mpg at any speed. I went to biketober fest this year. I felt as out of place on a japaneese bike as a cockroach at an insectiside party. I can say that this bike begs to be ridden fast. I live 87 miles from the speedway in daytona I made it 70 miles in 30 minutes, and that was taking it easy because of the cops. This bike is so fun to ride. It feels like a big dirt bike. very nimble and narrow for the knees. Comparing an apple to an apple it rules, but one day I thought I was the man and fooled around with a modified gsxr1000. I was shagging ass through the gears with full throttle blast through 1st 2nd 3rd 4th, I was ahead of him and doing 137 and getting ready to shift into 4th when I got passed like a mile marker on the freeway. He passed me doing about 155 and didnt let off until about 180. That day I realised my bike wasnt the fastest,just the funnist. Around town my bike cant be beet even by the big boys. Its perfect for traffic because of the torque, and It looks killer. I give it a 10. The only thing I wish is to be a little faster and the susension a little stiffer. Stil fast enough for the street. I ve had the bike 7 months and put 6500 miles on it. Oil changes every 2000. I could write 5 pages about the pickle, I love this bike. the yellow color is unique. oh and did I mdntion that mine sas the only superhawk that I saw at Biketober fest that day. I definently like that.

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LocationSatellite beach, Florida, United States
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Submitted: October, 2002