2001 Indian Motorcycle Scout Review

Review Title: Excellent Bike
Overall★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall, an excellent bike. On the plus side, you get tremendous power after the restrictor plate is removed. Any stock HD will eat your dust (except the VRod). It includes boatloads of chrome alreay, riding the Scout will get you more attention than you sometimes want. People will bombard you with questions and positive comments. I have had no repair/maint. problems at all. It will hold its value well and should be a collectors item in the future. On the negative side, it is too quiet (removing the baffles or aftermarket pipes can change that). In addition, forget about using the horn. You can barely hear it. Lastly, this bike was not made for long distance touring. 350 to 400 miles per day and you are ready to rest from all the vibration. (It is comfortable, though). Overall, you can't go wrong with the Indian Scout!

About the reviewer:
LocationTampa, Florida, United States
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Submitted: September, 2002